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Upcoming solar eclipses visible from Los Angeles

August 21, 2017

Eclipse starts:9:05 a.m., PDT
Maximum eclipse:10:21 a.m., PDT (Moon covers 70% of sun’s diameter, 62% of sun’s area).
Eclipse ends:11:44 a.m., PDT
This is the first total eclipse visible from the “Lower 48” since that of 26 February 1979. Totality will cross the United States from Oregon to South Carolina.

eclipse 2017

October 14, 2023

Eclipse starts:8:07 a.m., PDT
Maximum eclipse:9:24 a.m., PDT (Moon covers 78% of sun’s diameter, 71% of sun’s area).
Eclipse ends:10:49 a.m., PDT
The eclipse is annular from Oregon to southern Texas.

April 8, 2024

Eclipse starts:10:06 a.m., PDT
Maximum eclipse:11:12 a.m., PDT (Moon covers 57% of sun’s diameter, 49% of sun’s area).
Eclipse ends:12:21 p.m., PDT
The path of totality crosses a swath through Mexico, then from Texas to Maine and Nova Scotia.

Additional information on solar eclipses can be found on NASA's eclipse pages here