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The Griffith Observer magazine - Guidelines for contributors

Established in 1937, the Griffith Observer is the Observatory's own monthly magazine. The Griffith Observer contains popular articles on astronomy and information about activities and events at the Observatory.

Address correspondence including address changes, to: Griffith Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027; or email the Subscription Coordinator.

Guidelines for Contributors to the Griffith Observer

The Griffith Observer welcomes submissions that would be of interest to the astronomical community in general and to supporters and patrons of the Griffith Observatory in particular.

It is required that authors obtain all necessary copyright clearances, especially for illustrations and photographs.

Text: The Observer is prepared on a Macintosh computer using Quark Express, version 6.5, and a variety of graphics programs. Text needs to be computer-readable and can be submitted in these ways (in order of preference):

    2) mailed on a CD-ROM as a text file in Macintosh (or less preferably Windows) format. Please specify word processor used (do not use page layout software). Copies on CD-ROM should be accompanied by a clean printed paper copy.

Articles that are sent by email should be accompanied by one clean mailed or faxed copy that notes italics, boldface, Greek letters, accent marks, and other formatting and special characters that are lost when transmitting unformatted text. Handwritten and faxed articles are not accepted (please use fax for inquiries and proofing only, or to accompany email). Floppy and ZIP disks are not accepted. Media will not be returned unless accompanied by a mailing label and return postage.

Illustrations: All illustrations should be submitted as digital files. Color is strongly encouraged. When saving the files, save at the target output size at 300 dpi, in CMYK color format. Send as email attachments, or -- if the file size is larger than three megabytes -- by mail on CD-ROM. Do not email files larger than 3 megabytes in size; use It is also OK to post illustrations at your web site and we will download. Floppy, ZIP, Jazz disks, and other proprietary formats are not accepted. Accepted file types are tiff, EPS and jpeg only. Best results are obtained with tiff files with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Jpeg files are compressed by their nature and care must be given to keep the image detailed enough to print well. Please err on the side of quality rather than compression. Images are ultimately CMYK files for Mac, and images that are submitted in this format require no further changes. By advance arrangement, photographs and illustrations may be submitted as prints and we will scan and size to fit, but prints must be received at least 14 days prior to the final deadline. All illustrations must be accompanied by captions and by credits and their placement within the article must be noted. It is the author's responsibility to obtain copyright clearance; by submitting an illustration the author certifies that necessary permission has been obtained. The inclusion of good illustrations is strongly encouraged.

Style: Please refer to recent issues of the Griffith Observer and make your style consistent with the journal's. Include a 2-4 sentence abstract. Double check the spelling of proper nouns and include accent marks. When sending articles within email messages (as opposed to attached files), put words that are to be italicized between underlines and word to be bolded between stars as in _underline_ and *bold* with no spaces between the underline/star and the words. NEVER USE ALL CAPITALS because there are better ways to emphasize text. Do not use multiple columns (except in tables) or multiple tabs. Measurements should be metric (with English units following in parentheses if desired). Repeat: please refer to a recent issue and make your style consistent with the journal's.

Deadlines: The Griffith Observer is published monthly. The magazine is sent to press 1 month before the cover date. Materials that are targeted for a specific month must be submitted no less than 12 weeks before the cover date. If you are submitting an article for the Boeing/Griffith Observatory Writing contest, that deadline supersedes the Observer's.

Copyright Agreement: Contributors agree that their submission has not appeared elsewhere in print or electronically, is not being submitted simultaneously elsewhere in print or electronically, and that – once accepted for publication – the copyright is held by the Griffith Observatory and the City of Los Angeles. Contributors agree that they have secured all necessary permissions and paid all necessary fees (if any) to secure reproduction rights of any copyrighted materials that appear within their article. The Griffith Observer reserves the right to hold the contribution for print for one year from the date of submission. Contact the Editor with questions.

Address inquiries and submissions to:

Dr. E.C. Krupp, Editor-in-chief, Griffith Observer
2800 East Observatory Road
Los Angeles, California 90027 USA
Griffith phone: 323-664-1181 (8-3 Pacific time)
Griffith fax: 323-663-4323