What People Are Saying About Light of the Valkyries

The April 25, 2010 edition of the Los Angeles Daily News featured a front page story about the Observatory's new show - Light of the Valkyries - in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. To read the story, click here.

Showing Weekdays at 4:15 p.m.

Weekends at 3:15 p.m.

Light of the Valkyries takes us on a voyage of Viking cosmology and explores the true nature of the aurora borealis - the northern lights. The Vikings believed the northern lights were Valkyries, warrior spirits who descended from heaven to take fallen heroes from the battlefield to Valhalla, the palace of the gods. Explore the source of the northern lights (the Sun) and thrill to a cosmic light show set to one of the most iconic pieces of music of all time, Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.

Celebrating the Sun - Earth Connection

A Land Between Fire and Ice...

The Vikings thought they lived in a land caught between fire and ice. The latest pictures from Iceland illustrate why they might have thought that! Griffith Observatory's new planetarium show, Light of the Valkyries, describes how the Vikings viewed the northern lights, and what we now know to be their cause.

Light of the Valkyries opened to the public on May 18, 2010.  A gala premiere, Cosmic Conjunction 2010, benefiting Griffith Observatory's educational programs was held May 15, 2010, by Friends Of The Observatory.