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image of Solar System Lawn Model plack

Solar System Lawn Model

Engraved in the front sidewalk of Griffith Observatory is a scale model of our solar system. One-quarter-inch-wide bronze lines mark the orbits of the planets, which are indicated with bronze plaques also embedded in the sidewalks. Each orbit is properly scaled around the Sun, a half-inch circle centered at the base of the historic Observatory front steps. In this model, each foot roughly equates to 20 million miles in the real solar system, which is roughly 110 billion times larger than this model.

Map of Solar Sysem Lawn Model

image of Map Solar System Lawn Model plack   image of Map Solar System Lawn Model plack

Voyager 1 Leaves Solar System

Where Voyager1 is

This is where Voyager 1 is compared to the scaled model of the solar system.