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October 2014 Edition:


MOM reaches Mars

MAVEN reaches Mars
SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Bruce M. Jakosky,
University of Colorado, Boulder
MAVEN Principal Investigator


Curiosity reaches Mt. Sharp

Beautiful astronomical images

Water in a distant world?

Monthly sky report
October is eclipse month!


September 2014 Edition:

Io, my, oh, my!

Dave Doody, Cassini Flight Operations Lead, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Cassini Grand Finale


Four thousand species under the ice

Beautiful astronomical images

Dust bunnies from the depths of space

September sky report


August 2014 Edition:

Rosetta’s tumbling comet

New island getaway on Titan

Lunar mystery solved

Beautiful astronomical images

Pluto - one year and counting

August sky report


July 2014: No show due to July 4th holiday

June 2014 Edition:

Space access shakeup

Astro Shorts: weird worlds, shrinking spots, crashing clusters, and more

New crater on Mars

Beautiful astronomical images

June sky report


May 2014 Edition:

Earth's first cousin found

Extending the cosmic tape measure

Impact threat underestimated

Lunar eclipse review

Beautiful astronomical images

May sky report


April 2014 Edition:

Solar system surprises

Dr. Zak Staniszewski, Caltech

Direct evidence of cosmic inflation

Beautiful astronomical images

Dusty galaxies

April sky report


March 2014 Edition:

Jade Rabbit: dead or alive?

Cloudy with chance of black hole


Solar system's magnetic girdle just got bigger

Beautiful astronomical images

March sky report


February 2014 Edition:

Planets like you've never seen

The polar vortex attacks


A watery dwarf in our solar system?

Staring at the cosmic frontier

February sky report

Beautiful astronomical images


January 2014 Edition:

2013 year in review

Report on Europa

Cozy conditions for life

Beautiful astronomical images

January sky report

December 2013 Edition:

Comet ISON's last hurrah

Dr. David Jewitt
Professor of Astronomy, UCLA

When is a comet not a comet?

Maven lifts off to Mars

Neutrinos in Antarctica?

Milky Way teeming with Earth sized planets

Beautiful astronomical images

December sky report

November 2013 Edition:

Comet ISON: comet of the century or a dud?

Kenneth E. Phillips, Ph.D.
Curator, Aerospace Science,
California Science Center

Mission 26 — The Big Endeavour


Lake country on Titan

November sky report

Beautiful astronomical images

October 2013 Edition:

Juno flies by Earth

Professor Andrew Ingersoll (Caltech)

All about Jupiter


Voyager leaves the solar system ... at last!

Hey, hey, hey,
brown dwarf blurs lines

October sky report

No cows on Mars

Beautiful astronomical images

September 2013 Edition:

LADEE (Lunal Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) mission.

Nova nova!

Griffith Observatory's own
astronomical artists

Don Dixon FIAAA

Astronomical artist Chris Butler

Chris Butler FRAS


Sun's magnetic poles about to flip?

September sky report

Beautiful astronomical images

August 2013 Edition:

Milky Way black holes prepare for spaghetti lunch

Every kiss begins with colliding neutron stars

August sky report

Dark energy & the expansion of the universe: meet special guest,
Professor David Kirkby (UC, Irvine)

Rise of the machines

Smile! You're on Cassini's camera

Beautiful astronomical images

July 2013 Edition:

Volcanoes on Earth and beyond

Quark quartet, spooky action, and more: meet theoretical physicist,
Professor Clifford Johnson (USC)

A bounty of black holes in Andromeda

Celebrating pioneering women of aerospace

Beautiful astronomical images
July sky report

June 2013 Edition:

Moon water is like Earth's

Not-so-tiny bubbles

June ice capades

Oddity from the
International Space Station

Beautiful astronomical images
June sky report

May 2013 Edition:

Planets around
Kepler 62 & 69:
getting closer to alien Earths

When asteroids attack!
    Beautiful astronomical images    

Private launches reach new heights
May sky report

April 2013 Edition:

Curiosity hits pay dirt

Looking through gravitational lenses

An older, slower, lopsided universe
Beautiful astronomical images       April sky report

March 2013 Edition:

Great balls of fire! Life on Mars today?
Beautiful astronomical images March sky report

February 2013 Edition:

Billions and billions of planets The biggest thing in the universe?
A shockingly hot solar halo Beautiful astronomical images
February sky report    

January 2013 Edition:

Highlights of 2012 and
great expectations for 2013
Tau Ceti:
a solar system like ours?

Baby galaxies from the first billion years
Special Guest:
Professor Richard Ellis, Caltech
Allen Chen
A river runs through it (Titan, that is) Beautiful astronomical images
September sky report    

December 2012 Edition:

Mars and the media: what's hype?
what's real?
It’s not the end of the world; it’s the
beginning of winter
Biggest black hole discovered The origins of stars and planets
Beautiful astronomical images December sky report

November 2012 Edition:

Record setting leap from the stratosphere New planet found right next door
What's next with NASA spaceflight?
With special guest
Jerry Cook, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Beautiful astronomical images
November sky report    

October 2012 Edition:

L.A. thrills to Endeavour fly-over Mars again: discoveries from
NASA's Mars fleet
Bright comets heading our way A hot halo around the Milky Way
A tale of three planets:
Venus, Earth, and Mars
Beautiful astronomical images
October sky report    

September 2012 Edition:

Remembering Neil Armstrong Endeavour flies to Los Angeles
Curious about Mars? The Curiosity journey begins, with special guest Allen Chen, JPL's Operations Lead for the Curiosity landing. Allen Chen
HOT TOPIC: Is our weather related to climate change? With special guest, Joao Teixeira, Deputy Director, JPL Center for Climate Science
Beautiful astronomical images September sky report

August 2012 Edition:

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory with the Curiosity rover will land on Mars
August 5, 2012.
John Callas, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Project manager of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover project.
Leonard David, space journalist
Astronaut Sally Ride Remembering Dr. Sally Ride
Pluto has a fifth moon! Beautiful Astronomical Images
August Sky Report    

July 2012 Edition:

Small planets around metal-poor stars A black hole ejected from its galaxy
NuStar launched Secret spy shuttle lands
Ray Bradbury with
special guest
Andre Bormanis
Beautiful astronomical images
Map of the night sky July sky report    

June 2012 Edition:

Tales from the zone of centrality with
Special Guest:
Dr. E.C. Krupp,
Director of Griffith Observatory
Maya calendars tell us 2012 is NOT
the end of time
Rare Venus transit on June 5, 2012 Beautiful astronomical images
Space X launches first commercial mission to rendezvous with NASA's International Space Station Map of the night sky June sky report

May 2012 Edition:

Asteroid mining in the news Past Milky Way smash-ups?
Mysterious cosmic rays still mysterious Beautiful astronomical images
Map of the night sky May sky report - partial solar eclipse alert!    

April 2012 Edition:

Special Guest:
Dr. Dan Durda, Southwest Research Institute, Research Astronomer, Pilot, and Astronomical Artist
Dark Matter Baffles Again
Dangerous Asteroids in the News Again Beautiful Astronomical Images
Map of the night sky April Sky Report    

March 2012 Edition:

Joao Teixeira Special Guest:
Caltech Professor George Djorgovski
Joao Teixeira Wind and Water on Mars
Cold Clumps of Gas in the Milky Way Interacting Dwarfs
Map of the night sky Beautiful Astronomical Images Map of the night sky March Sky Report

February 2012 Edition:

Joao Teixeira Giant solar storm
sparks fears of the end of the world
Dark galaxy
sparks fears of the end of the world
Beautiful Astronomical Images Map of the night sky February Sky Report

January 2012 Edition:

Jess Adkins SPECIAL GUESTS: Dr. Jess F. Adkins,
Paleoclimatologist and Professor of Geochemistry and Global Environmental Science, California Institute of Technology
Joao Teixeira and Joao Teixeira, Deputy Director,
JPL Center for Climate Science
Hidden great lakes on Europa? Beautiful Astronomical Images
Map of the night sky January Sky Report    

December 2011 Edition:

* Due to the weather-related closure of Griffith Observatory, the December 2011 edition of All Space Considered was cancelled

November 2011 Edition:

Dr. Charles Beichman SPECIAL GUEST:
Dr. Charles Beichman Executive Director,
NASA ExoPlanet Science Institute,
California Institute of Technology

"The Search For Other Earths: Latest Results on a 2500-Year Old Quest"
Image of deep space Beautiful Astronomical Images November Sky Report Map of the night sky

October 2011 Edition:

LISA RANDALL, Harvard University
U A R S spacecraft Space junk falls to Earth:
the sky really is falling!
Planets around a distant sun A host of new worlds Albert Einstein Law-breaking neutrinos
Galaxy n g c 281 Beautiful Astronomical Images Map of the night sky October sky report

September 2011 Edition:

Meet Joao Teixeira, climate scientist from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Higgs or no Higgs?
The Moon's rocky past A little Antarctica in Texas?
Beautiful Astronomical Images Map of the night sky September Sky Report

August 2011 Edition:

Space shuttle Atlantis returns to Earth:
The End of an Era
A New Moon for Pluto
Vesta Fiesta Curiosity Satisfied by Mars Landing
Site Announcement
Beautiful Astronomical Images Map of the night sky August Sky Report

July 2011 Edition:

Solar Cycle Weirdness Photo of Space X launch of Falcon 9 missle New Type of Supernova
Voyager at the Solar System Boundary Beautiful Astronomical Images
Map of the night sky Sky Report    

June 2011 Edition:

Special Guests: Us!
Join Griffith Observatory Curatorial staff who will answer your questions, cover stories we had to skip in previous programs, and have a leisurely opportunity to Consider All Space!
Beautiful Astronomical Images Sky Report

May 2011 Edition:

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity: Finding the Perfect Spot
Special Guest: Dr. Matthew Golombek,
Research geologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.
Celebrating Alan Shepard and
50 Years of American Space Travel
Beautiful Astronomical Images May Sky Report

April 2011 Edition:

Violent Planet
SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. James Dolan,
Professor of Earth Science,
University of Southern California

Endeavour's Last Ride What's Super About the Moon?
Beautiful Pictures Sky Report

March 2011 Edition:

Picture of Lunar Eclipse Discovery delivers Robonaut Andromeda’s disk dissected
The sun unleashes an X-class flare Photo of microscopic bacteria Protoplanetary disk imaged around a nearby star
Photo of Space X launch of Falcon 9 missle Beautiful astronomical images Map of the night sky March sky report

February 2011 Edition:

Special Guest: A conversation with DR. BRIAN GREENE Physicist and best-selling author Brian Greene will share insights from his latest book, THE HIDDEN REALITY: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos.  Professor Greene, perhaps best known from his first book, The Elegant Universe, is an expert in cosmology.  A book-signing will precede and follow All Space Considered.

Picture of Lunar Eclipse The green blob returns Zodiacal shiftiness - what is your sign?
Artists concept of a black hole in space surrounded by stars 2010 ties for the warmest year on record - what role does the Sun play? Photo of microscopic bacteria Tragedy touches the NASA family
Photo of Space X launch of Falcon 9 missle Antimatter from terrestrial lightning? Map of the night sky February sky report

January 2011 Edition:

Picture of Lunar Eclipse 'Tis the season for eclipses How Saturn got its rings
Artists concept of a black hole in space surrounded by stars Feeding frenzy for a black hole - what turns it on? Photo of microscopic bacteria More arsenic and old life - is science ever "wrong?"
Photo of Space X launch of Falcon 9 missle Can NASA compete with private space services? Map of the night sky January sky report
Photo of Solar Dynamic Observatory image of the Sun Year in review - the biggest stories in the universe, 2010 Photograph of Juno spacecraft in front of Juipter Looking forward to 2011 - what's up next year?

December 2010 Edition:

Mars and the Moon over Manhattan Arsenic and old bacteria ... New paths for alien life? Blackness Remembering Allan Sandage
Parachute Test Mysterious rocket launch? Hubble Image of the Coma Galaxy Beautiful astronomical images
Flash of light on Jupiter What did we learn from Comet Hartley? Flash of light on Jupiter Meet James Bullock.
Expand your cosmological horizons!
Flash of light on Jupiter December sky report: very-high-lunar-eclipse edition    

November 2010 Edition:

Mars and the Moon over Manhattan Changes at the edge of the solar system
Blackness Space Shuttle Discovery's last mission
Parachute Test NASA's EPOXI mission to Comet Hartley Hubble Image of the Coma Galaxy Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
Mission ends
Flash of light on Jupiter Beautiful astronomical images Flash of light on Jupiter November sky report

October 2010 Edition

Mars and the Moon over Manhattan Galaxy building blocks
Blackness Mysterious Mars
Parachute Test Fine structure constant - not so constant? Hubble Image of the Coma Galaxy Uncertainty at NASA
Flash of light on Jupiter Beautiful astronomical images Flash of light on Jupiter October sky report

September 2010 Edition:

Mars and the Moon over Manhattan Mars is as big as the full moon - NOT!
Blackness Seeing in the dark: Dark matter, dark energy
Parachute Test Highlights and lowlights from commercial space exploration Drowned Rickshaw Planet Earth report: Extreme planet
Hubble Image of the Coma Galaxy Beautiful astronomical images Flash of light on Jupiter September sky report


Watch our new planetarium show, Light of the Valkyries, at 7:45 then follow us behind the scenes for The Making of Light of The Valkyries.

Tickets are required for Light of the Valkyries. Tickets go on sale at 7:00 p.m. for the 7:45 show. Tickets cannot be sold in advance. Prices are $7 for adults, $5 for FOTO members, seniors, and students, and $3 for children 5-12. Children under 5 cannot be admitted to the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. There can be no late seating. For more information on buying tickets, click here.
The Making of Light of The Valkyries and the rest of All Space Considered will begin at 8:30 p.m. in the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon.
Report from Easter Island: Eclipse 2010 August Sky report: Perseid Alert!

July 2010 Edition:

Kepler finds 750 Planets? Hanny's Voorwerp....what is it?
Hayabusa comes home from Itokawa July Sky Report
Plan for the fall... What would you like to see at All Space Considered?    

June 2010 Edition:

Black Holes Light Up
When Galaxies Merge
(Illustration: Don Dixon)
Secret X37B Space Plane Spied On!
Mars Phoenix Lander Declared Dead! June Sky Report: Ceres and Comet McNaught C/2009R1 and more!
Crazy Multi-Planetary System  

May 2010 Edition:

First images of the sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory Griffith Observatory's 75th birthday
Hubble's 20th birthday Volcanoes in the solar system
Beautiful Astronomical Images May Sky Report

April 2010 Edition:

Extreme Creatures - on Earth and Beyond Who Owns the Moon?
The First Stars Major Milestones in Private Space Exploration
Beautiful Astronomical Images: the Milky Way Halo, the Orion Nebula, and more April Sky Report

February, 2010 Edition:

Haitiquake Haiti Earthquake: Living on an Active Planet Sun Waking Up the Quiet Sun
Comingup Coming Attractions: Astronomy and Space in 2010 Picture Gallery: Hubble, Moon, Mars, and more
DECSKY Plus February Sky Report    

December, 2009 Edition:

Dr.Krupp Featured Topic: The Truth About 2012
Dr. E. C. Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory, presents Time's Up According to the rules of the Maya calendar system, a primary interval ends on the winter solstice, 2012. Recent claims promote the date's galactic alignment and link it with the detailed structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, information known only though modern astronomy. Dr. Krupp will detail how the 2012 beliefs about global transformation, solar system alignment, rogue planets, catastrophic pole shifts, and calamitous sunspots have been fabricated and marketed and what the universe is really doing on the winter solstice in 2012.
MoonBase Water on the Moon: what does it mean? Atlantis Space Shuttle Atlantis' Penultimate Flight: the last crew rotation to the International Space Station
MilkyWay New Views of the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy Free Spirit Mars Rover in Trouble?

November, 2009 Edition:

Don Lincoln Special Guest: Don Lincoln
Senior Physicist, currently affiliated with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the United States’ premier particle physics laboratory. Don Lincoln is the author of the new book, The Quantum Frontier: The Large Hadron Collider.  The Large Hadron Collider is a new “atom smasher” designed to recreate the conditions of the universe just scant fractions of a second after the Big Bang. In The Quantum Frontier, Dr. Lincoln explains the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the physics it is intended to explore.
A ribbon in the sky A ribbon in the sky discovered at the edge of the solar system Atmosphere around distant planet Organic molecules found in a distant planet
Ares X Rocket experiencing bow shock Maiden flight of a new U.S. rocket Hubble Space Telescope Latest images from Mars and Hubble
November Skyreport November Sky Report    

October, 2009 Edition:

Andy Chaikin Special Guest: Andy Chaikin
Award-winning science journalist and space historian Andrew Chaikin has authored books and articles about space exploration and astronomy for more than 25 years. Mr. Chaikin is best known as the author of A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts, widely regarded as the definitive account of the moon missions. This acclaimed work was the main basis for Tom Hanks' 12-part HBO miniseries, From the Earth to the Moon, which won the Emmy for best miniseries in 1998. Mr. Chaikin discussed NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), including its crash to the lunar surface, scheduled for October 9th, 2009.
Hubble Image Refurbished Hubble Space Telescope Releases Its First New Images Moon Water on the Moon and Mars
Ares I-X Ares I/X test flight on Oct 31st LCROSS LCROSS impact tests for ice on the Moon Oct 9th
Sky Map Plus October Sky Report and all the latest news from space!    

September 2009 Edition:

Enceladus Cool Topic for a Hot Summer: Ice in the Solar System Icy moons of the outer solar system + Comet cocktails and life of Earth Latest news from the Martian poles + Water ice of Earth's moon? Ice on Earth: Past, Present, Future Ron Kwok Meet Ron Kwok Polar Remote Sensing Scientist from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Extrasolar Planets Planetary "Pile-up" Around Another Star. Could it happen here? Sky Map September Sky Report What's Happening in the sky this month?