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Apollo 11 talk

Griffith Observatory
Celebrates Apollo 13

In the absence of programs for Apollo 13 at Griffith Observatory, we've put together some links on the mission. Want to see videos from our previous programs? Check out All Space Considered's Remembering Apollo archive.

References to information about Apollo 13

Browse transcripts, recordings, images, and transmissions, recollections, and commentary from the Apollo 13 flight:

PBS Documentary “To the Edge and Back” (1994)

The movie Apollo 13 (1995, the feature dramatic movie, based on the mission. While some dramatic liberties were taken, the movie beautifully depicts the stages of an Apollo mission and emphasized the heroic teamwork of a vast number of people back on Earth that was required to bring the crew back home.

Follow the flight in retrospective “real time”. Plays entire mission from T-minus 1 minute to return, filled with every transmission (audio and TV) including flight control, still images, news, and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter CGI, providing an omniscient re creation of the mission never before possible with archival material never available before this anniversary. Can be played continuously or at will, selectively at any time. Recommended by the NASA history office:

Press releases and Flight Plan:

NASA Images

Picture of A13 capsule on display in Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Hutchinson, KS

Books about Apollo 13

  • Book “Lost Moon” By Jeffery Kluger and Apollo 13 commander James Lovell

  • “Failure is Not an Option” by mission flight commander Gene Kranz, recipient of the Medal of Freedom award for his actions during Apollo 13.
Apollo 11 talk