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Celebrates Apollo 11

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we will have exhibits and artifacts not normally on display! Immerse yourself in the Apollo 11 mission and see things you might not see again for some time.

On Display: Apollo 15 Outer Helmet Replica

Apollo 15 outer helment Replica

A highlight of our special display is a replica of the Apollo 15 Outer Helmet is signed by Astronaut Dave Scott, the commander of the Apollo 15 mission. The original mission helmets had two visors with reflective coating to stop radiation and the cold of space. They also had three sunshields which could be lowered to prevent glare from the Sun.

On Display: Apollo 11 Inner Helmet Replica

Apollo 11 Inner Helmet ReplicaYou can also see a replica of the pressure helmet worn by astronauts on the Apollo 11 Mission. This one is even signed by Michael Collins, one of the astronauts on the Apollo 11 Mission! The original pressure helmets have a ‘valsalva’ device on the side (replicated by the blue knob to the right in the picture) so astronauts could adjust the pressure in their helmets to prevent their ears from popping during the launch ascent.

On Display: Lunar Module Plaque Replica

Lunar module Plaque Replica

We will display a plaque replicating the one on the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, Eagle. The original plaque marked the tremendous achievement of humans stepping foot on another body of the solar system for the first time.

Moon Rocks and Models

a pice of the moonDid you know Griffith Observatory has an actual moon rock on loan from NASA? It is located next to our six-foot model of the Moon. While you’re there, stand on the scale and see how much you would weigh if you were standing on the Moon like an Apollo 11 Astronaut!

Stations of Apollo: Tracking a Historic Journey

A Scale model of the Earth

Each day of the mission (July 16 - 24), Griffith Observatory staff will track the progress of the Apollo 11 Mission 50 years ago. We will have a scale model in size and distance of the Earth system over the front lawn to help you see the journey. Here’s one of our employees holding the Earth before it gets deployed!