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Griffith Observatory Visitor Access Improvement Projects

Griffith Observatory will be CLOSED
from April 22, 2019, to May 6, 2019,
for essential improvements.

Aireal of Griffith ObservatoryGriffith Observatory is about to begin several months of critical infrastructure work to make it easier, safer, and more satisfying to visit. This work will run from late February through late May and will require a complete closure from April 22 to May 6.

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP), which owns and operates Griffith Observatory, is undertaking four major projects in and around the Observatory to improve visitor access and safety and to repair fundamental systems. These projects involve construction at the building and on the roads. This will, at times, affect vehicle and pedestrian access to the Observatory site. For a defined and limited period, April 22 - May 6, the work will prohibit public use of Griffith Observatory. The Department scheduled this work before and after the busy spring break period to limit public disruption.


Here is a quick summary of the four projects.

new Griffith Observatory Light Pole 1. Lighting improvements, including 51 new light poles (matching the design and form of existing poles) and new LED fixtures on all light poles (all lighting facing down) along both roads leading up to the Observatory, at the intersections, along Vermont Canyon Road, and in the Observatory's hilltop parking area. These changes will improve illumination for pedestrian and vehicle safety and reduce light pollution and energy usage.

2. New sidewalk construction on East Observatory Road will connect the existing Vermont Canyon sidewalk to the Observatory grounds. This will create a safe, continuous pathway for pedestrians from the Greek Theatre parking area up to the Observatory. It will also improve drainage along the roads.


3. Reconfiguration of the Observatory hilltop parking lot for easier access and parking and reduction of traffic congestion.

Griffith Observatory parking lot

4. Improvements to the Observatory's air conditioning systems to ensure reliable, sustainable public operation. The air conditioning system not only cools and circulates air for visitors but also enables theater, exhibit, and building systems to function.


The work will take place at the following times:

February 25 – March 29 (Phase 1)
East Observatory Road sidewalk and street light installation.
East Observatory Road will be completely closed for at least five weeks. There will be a pedestrian pathway along the west side of the road. Vehicle access to the hilltop will be via temporary two-way traffic on West Observatory Road. The Observatory will operate normally.

March 16 – April 21 (Spring Break)
No work. The Observatory will oparate normally.

April 22 – May 6 (Phase 2)
West Observatory Road street light installation and Observatory air conditioning improvements.
The Observatory must be CLOSED during this time because the main inbound vehicle access road (West Observatory Road) must be closed to vehicles and because the air conditioning system must be shutdown to make the needed repairs. There will be NO vehicle access to the hilltop. On selected days, pedestrian access to the hilltop and trails may also be limited for safety reasons. The DASH Observatory bus will make its last stop at the Greek Theatre (not at the Observatory) during this period.

May 6 – May 17 (Phase 3)
Hilltop parking reconfiguration and lighting installation.
The public parking lot will be closed, but the Observatory will operate normally. All other parking will be available.

We recognize taking the Observatory out of public service is a hardship for visitors, especially those coming from out of the area. We truly regret the inconvenience, but we know the Observatory will be a safer and easier place to visit once this work is done.