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Previously, on All Space Considered:

June 2019 Edition:

Special Guest: Composer Eric Whitacre
Grammy award winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre joins All Space Considered to discuss his recent composition, Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of Our Universe. The piece was inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope’s iconic Deep Field image, a ten-day exposure of a tiny pinprick of sky that, before the image, appeared to have nothing in it. The Deep Field revealed thousands of galaxies and gave us a new understanding of our place in the universe. Mr. Whitacre will describe the origins of the piece, the artistic process behind its development, and the challenges that arise in bridging the gap between science and art.

Image Impossible: Black Hole Portrait Makes History
Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Constellation Stirs Controversy

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June Sky Report

April 2019 Edition:

Asteroid Smash-and-Grab
How to Dock Your Dragon
InSight Mole on Burrowed Time

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April/May Sky Report

March 2019 Edition:

Tidings from the Local Group
The 2nd Annual Golden Griffith Awards
Farewell, Opportunity

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March Sky Report

Feburary 2019 Edition:

"What Small Organisms can Teach us about Human Spaceflight" with Special Guest Dr. Sharmila Bhattacharya, Director of the Biomodel Performance Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center
Eclipsed Moon Impacted
"Galaxies: Dark Matter, Cannibalism, and the Periodic Table of Elements" with Special Guest Professor Raja Guha Thakurta, UC Santa Cruz
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Feburary Sky Report

January 2019 Edition:

To see what no one has seen: New Horizons visits Ultima Thule

“Why the Kuiper Belt?”
with Special Guest
Dr. Konstantin Batygin,

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Looking back at 2018

January Sky Report

Looking forward to 2019