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All Space Considered 2017

December 2017 Edition:

A Super Strange Supernova
  Eclipse Path
Oddball Visitor from
Another Star.
With Special Guest,
Dr. David Jewitt
Professor of Astronomy, UCLA.
Pretty Pictures
Pretty Pictures
Flowing Sands of Mars

December Sky Report

November 2017 Edition:

A Ring Around Haumea
  Eclipse Path
A Conversation with
Jet Propulsion Laboratory's
Dr. Amy Mainzer
Lead Project Scientist, NEOWISE
There's Gold in Them Thar Colliding Neutron Stars
Pretty Pictures
Lunar Lava Tubes to Live In
Rocket Launch
Asteroid from Another Solar System

November Sky Report

October 2017 Edition:

Natural Disaster Report
Farewell Cassini
with guest, Dr. Linda Spilker

Project Scientist, Cassini Mission
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Spooky Black Planet
Our Man in Space

October Sky Report

September 2017 Edition:

Tales from Totality
A Conversation with
Tim Russ,
Amateur Astronomer,
Star Trek Voyager'sTuvok

Glowing Clouds from Sounding-Rocket
Astro-Shorts: Four Earth-sized Planets Around One Star, Smallest Star Ever, Clues to the Universe's Structure, 67P activity, and more!

September Sky Report

August 2017 Edition:

Larsen C
Larsen C: Cracking a Cold One
  Small Star
Saturn-sized Star
Ms. Juno - I'm Ready for my Close-up

Beautiful Astronomical Images

August Sky Report

July 2017 Edition:

A Mission to the Sun
  Eclipse Path
Countdown to the Eclipse
JUNO and the Great Red Spot
Pretty Pictures
Beautiful Astronomical Images
Rocket Launch
Worldwide Space Report

July Sky Report

June 2017 Edition:

Cracking the Crab Nebula
More Black Holes from LIGO
Spring has Sprung a Leak - The Seed Vault

Beautiful Astronomical Images

June Sky Report

May 2017 Edition:

Cassini Takes a Dive
Special Presentation:
Devoured by Darkness
with Dr. E.C. Krupp,
Director, Griffith Observatory

See a video of this event on the Griffith Observatory TV channel on Live Stream
New Records in Space-time

Promising Plumes of
Enceladus and Europa

May Sky Report

April 2017 Edition:

The Great American Eclipse
Measuring the Sierra Snowpack with Special gGest, Elizabeth Carey, JPL
The Fizzy Lakes of Titan

Beautiful Astronomical Images

April Sky Report

March 2017 Edition:

Seven Planets and the Cool Dwarf
Where Next on Mars?
with Special Guest,
Dr. Matthew Golombek,
Mars Landing Site Scientist, NASA-JPL
See a video of this event on the Griffith Observatory TV channel on Live Stream
Soaring Through Jupiter’s Cloud Tops

Beautiful Astronomical Images

March Sky Report

February 2017 Edition:

New Moon News
229th AAS: Picking the Best
from Grapevine, Texas
Is Our Drought Finally ...

Beautiful Astronomical Images

February Sky Report

January 2017 Edition:

2016 Year in Review and
2017 Coming Attractions
Book Signing and Special Presentation by
Dr. David Grinspoon,
Senior Scientist,
Planetary Science Institute
and Author of
Earth in Human Hands

Remembering John Glenn

Beautiful Astronomical Images

January Sky Report