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All Space Considered 2015

December 2015 Edition:

Mars, the Ringed Planet?
Blue Origin's Rocket
Sticks the Landing
Ice Volcanoes on Pluto

Beautiful Astronomical Images

December Sky Report

November 2015 Edition:

A Jump to Conclusions:
an Alien Civilization?
Special Guest and
Book Signing
George Musser, Author of
Spooky Action at a Distance

Enceladus up Close and Personal

Beautiful Astronomical Images

November Sky Report

October 2015 Edition:

Water Flows on Mars!
New Ice World Wonders:
Pluto and More
LIGO my Gravity Wave

Beautiful Astronomical Images

Recipe for the Most Luminous Galaxies

October Sky Report

September 2015 Edition:

Last Lunar “Blood Moon” Eclipse of the Tetrad
The Slow Death of the Universe
Black Holes in the Headlines

Beautiful Astronomical Images

September Sky Report

August 2015 Edition:

Earth's Older Cousin
Pluto, at Last!
Philae Found ... and Lost?

Beautiful Astronomical Images

August Sky Report

July 2015 Edition: Cancelled for Independence Day

June 2015 Edition:

Dawn of the Dwarfs
Science Education in
the Misinformation Age
Dr. David Helfand,
President, Quest University

Salty Seas on Europa

Gassy Halo

Prepare for Pluto!

Beautiful Astronomical Images

June and July
Sky Report

May 2015 Edition:

Hubble's Spectacular Quarter-Century


SpaceX Gets Closer
but Still no Cigar


Was the April 4th Total Lunar Eclipse Really Total?

May Sky Report

Beautiful Astronomical Images


April 2015 Edition:

Astronaut Scott Kelly's One Year in Space


Jupiter, Destroyer of Super-Earths?


Monster (Black Hole) in the Early Universe

Beautiful Astronomical Images

Lively Reports of Water on Mars, Ganymede, Enceladus ... and California

April Sky Report


March 2015 Edition:

A New Dawn at Ceres:
NASA’s Mission
to the Asteroid Belt
Dr. Marc Rayman,
Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA
Chief Engineer and
Mission Director
of the Dawn Mission
Smile, it's a
Gravitational Lens!

Mysterious Martian plume

Leonard Nimoy

Beautiful Astronomical Images

March Sky Report

February 2015 Edition:

A Valentine from Venus:
Lessons from
Venus Express

(via remote connection)
Dr. David Grinspoon
Planetary Science Institute,
Interdisciplinary Scientist,
Venus Express

Extrasolar Planet Update

Homing in on Ceres

Andromeda Revealed

Beautiful Astronomical Images

February Sky Report

January 2015 Edition:

Methane on Mars:
It's Baaack!

(via remote connection)
Dr. Alan Stern,
Southwest Research Institute,
and Principal Investigator,
New Horizons

On Final Approach:
New Horizons Prepares for Pluto


Another Orbit Around the Sun: The Year in Space

January Sky Report

Beautiful Astronomical Images