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All Space Considered 2014

December 2014 Edition:

Success! Philae Achieves a Shady Landing on a Tiny Comet.

Black Hole Learns
there is no Free Lunch.
Dr. Gunther Witzel,
University of California,
Los Angeles


NASA Debuts a New Spaceship.

Beautiful Astronomical Images

California Expands Earthquake Warning System.
Dr. Elizabeth Cochran,
United States Geological Survey

December Sky Report


November 2014 Edition:

Private Spaceflight Setbacks

Complete Solar System News: Mars, Rosetta, and More, with Special Guest, Emily Lakdawalla, Senior Editor at The Planetary Society


Beautiful Astronomical Images

Full Eclipse Coverage

November Sky Report


October 2014 Edition:


MOM Reaches Mars

MAVEN reaches Mars
Dr. Bruce M. Jakosky,
University of Colorado, Boulder
MAVEN Principal Investigator


Curiosity Reaches Mt. Sharp

Beautiful Astronomical Images

Water in a Distant World?

Monthly Sky Report
October is Eclipse Month!


September 2014 Edition:

Io, my, oh, my!

Dave Doody, Cassini Flight Operations Lead, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Cassini Grand Finale


Four Thousand Species Under the Ice

Beautiful Astronomical Images

Dust Bunnies from the Depths of Space

September Sky Report


August 2014 Edition:

Rosetta’s Tumbling Comet

New Island Getaway on Titan

Lunar Mystery Solved

Beautiful Astronomical Images

Pluto - One Year and Counting

August Sky Report


July 2014 Edition: Cancelled for Independence Day

June 2014 Edition:

Space Access Shakeup

Astro Shorts: Weird Worlds, Shrinking Spots, Crashing Clusters, and More

New Crater on Mars

Beautiful Astronomical Images

June Sky Report


May 2014 Edition:

Earth's First Cousin Found

Extending the Cosmic Tape Measure

Impact Threat Underestimated

Lunar Eclipse Review

Beautiful Astronomical Images

May Sky Report


April 2014 Edition:

Solar System Surprises

Dr. Zak Staniszewski, Caltech

Direct Evidence of Cosmic Inflation

Beautiful Astronomical Images

Dusty Galaxies

April Sky Report


March 2014 Edition:

Jade Rabbit: Dead or Alive?

Cloudy with Chance of Black Hole


Solar System's Magnetic Girdle Just Got Bigger

Beautiful Astronomical Images

March Sky Report


February 2014 Edition:

Planets Like You've Never Seen

The Polar Vortex Attacks


A Watery Dwarf in our Solar System?

Staring at the Cosmic Frontier

February Sky Report

Beautiful Astronomical Images


January 2014 Edition:

2013 Year in Review

Report on Europa

Cozy Conditions for Life

Beautiful Astronomical Images

January Sky Report