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All Space Considered 2013

December 2013 Edition:

Comet ISON's Last Hurrah

Dr. David Jewitt
Professor of Astronomy, UCLA

When is a Comet not a Comet?

Maven Lifts Off to Mars

Neutrinos in Antarctica?

Milky Way Teeming with Earth Sized Planets

Beautiful Astronomical Images

December Sky Report

November 2013 Edition:

Comet ISON: Comet of the Century or a Dud?

Kenneth E. Phillips, Ph.D.
Curator, Aerospace Science,
California Science Center

Mission 26 — The Big Endeavour


Lake Country on Titan

November Sky Report

Beautiful Astronomical Images

October 2013 Edition:

Juno flies by Earth

Professor Andrew Ingersoll (Caltech)
All About Jupiter


Voyager Leaves the Solar System ... At Last!

Hey, Hey, Hey,
Brown Dwarf Blurs Lines

October Sky Report

No Cows on Mars

Beautiful Astronomical Images

September 2013 Edition:

LADEE (Lunal Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) Mission.

Nova nova!

Griffith Observatory's own
Astronomical Artists

Don Dixon FIAAA

Astronomical artist Chris Butler

Chris Butler FRAS

Sun's Magnetic Poles About to Flip?

September Sky Report

Beautiful Astronomical Images

August 2013 Edition:

Milky Way Black Holes Prepare for Spaghetti Lunch

Every Kiss Begins with Colliding Neutron Stars

August Sky Report

Dark Energy & the Expansion of the Universe: meet Special Guest,
Professor David Kirkby (UC, Irvine)

Rise of the Machines

Smile! You're on Cassini's Camera

Beautiful Astronomical Images

July 2013 Edition:

Volcanoes on Earth and Beyond

Quark Quartet, Spooky Action, and More: Meet Theoretical Physicist, Professor Clifford Johnson (USC)

A Bounty of Black Holes in Andromeda

Celebrating Pioneering Women of Aerospace

Beautiful Astronomical Images
July Sky Report

June 2013 Edition:

Moon Water is Like Earth's

Not-So-Tiny Bubbles

June Ice Capades

Oddity from the
International Space Station

Beautiful Astronomical Images
June Sky Report

May 2013 Edition:

Planets Around
Kepler 62 & 69:
Getting Closer to Alien Earths

When Asteroids Attack!
    Beautiful astronomical images    

Private Launches Reach New Heights
May Sky Report

April 2013 Edition:

Curiosity Hits Pay Dirt

Looking Through Gravitational Lenses

An Older, Slower, Lopsided Universe
Beautiful Astronomical Images       April Sky Report

March 2013 Edition:

Great Balls of Fire! Life On Mars Today?
Beautiful Astronomical Images March Sky Report

February 2013 Edition:

Billions and Billions of Planets The Biggest Thing in the Universe?
A Shockingly Hot Solar Halo Beautiful Astronomical Images
February Sky Report    

January 2013 Edition:

Highlights of 2012 and
Great Expectations for 2013
Tau Ceti:
a Solar System Like Ours?

Baby Galaxies from the First Billion Years
Special Guest:
Professor Richard Ellis, Caltech
Allen Chen
A River Runs Through it (Titan, that is) Beautiful Astronomical Images
September Sky Report